Before you start read these Installer/Owner Responsibilities:
Before starting installation, it is important you read all instructions and warranty information. By
starting installation of this product you are agreeing that you have read and understand all
installer/owner’s requirements and responsibilities and are aware that deviating from the instructions
and recommendations in this installation guide may result in voiding the product warranty.
Verify colour and finish before installation. Once the floor is installed, it is deemed to have been
inspected, approved and accepted.
It is the sole responsibility of the installer/owner, prior to installation, to assure that the planned
installation area is suitable for SPC/WPC-CORE flooring and meets local building codes. Confirm that all
subflooring is dry, sound, flat and meets or exceeds all industry standards/local building codes; as well
as the recommendations listed herein. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for product failure
extending from or related to failure to meet job area/environment and subflooring requirements.
The installer/owner assumes full responsibility for the final inspection of this product. Inspection should
be done prior to installation and should include: print/colour/texture, factory finish and locking system.
If the product is not acceptable, DO NOT INSTALL IT. Contact your supplier immediately for assistance.
Flooring that has been installed will be deemed to have been inspected and quality accepted.
If you wish to install over a radiant heating system consult with the manufacturer of your radiant
heating system to ensure that it is compatible with SPC/WPC-CORE flooring installation. Temperature
must never exceed 29° C (85° F) and changes in temperature settings must be gradual. Rapid
temperature changes and/or excessive heat will damage the flooring and/or the finish. It is the
responsibility of installer/owner to confirm the suitability of the radiant heating system for use with this
product. Any damage to the floor caused by the radiant heating system will not be covered by the
product warranty.
Installations in areas of potential excessive rapid temperature change (solariums, sun-rooms, saunas,
patio door, bay windows, etc.) may exceed the temperature limitations of the product and void the
product warranty. Verify the temperature fluctuations prior to installation to determine if the area is
suitable for SPC/WPC-CORE flooring.
Product is rated for indoor use only within the required temperature range, do not install outdoors.
Tools required:
Safety glasses, utility knife, straight edge, chalk-line, tape measure, pry-bar, saw, spacers.

When calculating flooring square footage requirements, allow a minimum of an additional 10% for cuts,
waste and defects. If installing a diagonal or other special pattern, allow for 10% additional materials.
Handle the boxes with care, do not drop or stand on edges, as this may damage the locking profiles.
Acclimatize SPC/WPC-CORE flooring for a minimum of 48 hours. We recommend you leave the products
in their original packaging (straps left on each carton) until time of installation at a temperature of 65°F
to 79°F (18°C to 26°C) in the area in which the flooring will be installed. Protect flooring from excessive
heat/cold during storage.
Subfloor Requirements:
All sub-floors must be clean, flat (smooth) and dry prior to installation, regardless of installation method.
Floors installed over non-flat subfloors may squeak and/or deflect when walked on risking damage to
the locking profiles. Sweep or vacuum your subfloor immediately prior to installation ensuring there is
no debris or grit, as it may interfere with the installation.
Wooden subfloors: Recommended ¾” CDX plywood or OSB must be flat, high or low areas exceeding
3/16” per 10’ (5mm per 3m) or 1/8” per 6’ (3mm per 2m) must be corrected. Sand down high areas, fill
low areas. Nail or screw down any loose areas and replace any damaged sheathing (damaged, swollen
or delaminating).
Concrete subfloors: most concrete subfloors (slabs) are not flat (smooth) and must be leveled before
installation. In all cases, verify the subfloor using a 10’ long straightedge to locate high and low areas,
low areas should be filled with a self-leveling compound. The moisture content of the concrete subfloor
should not exceed 5%.
If your SPC/WPC-CORE VINYL flooring has an attached under pad, you do not need additional
underlayment. If you wish to use an additional underlayment, use only a non-compressible
underlayment designed for SPC/WPC-CORE VINYL click flooring with a maximum thickness of 1 mm
(1/25”). In above grade areas you can alternatively use 3mm or 6mm (1/8” or 1/4”) cork. Do not use a
foam underlay, this will void your floor’s warranty.
Do not install SPC/WPC-CORE VINYL flooring over soft, rough, non-flat or uneven surfaces as it may
create deflection and potentially damage the locking system.
General Tips:
 It is always recommended to draw planks from a minimum of 3 different boxes during
installation to assure an even distribution of any minor color variations and slight differences in
embossing levels.
 Verify locking profile prior to installing, checking for debris or damage. Clean, trim or discard any
affected sections.

 For a click floating installation, follow the directives noted above regarding sub-floor
 Floating installations may be made over most subfloors including: Plywood or OSB,
ceramic/porcelain tile, smooth stone, marble, granite, and linoleum. Do NOT install over carpet.
 Set up starting line for the first row by measuring the width of the panel. Add 1/4” (6mm) to
this number and mark the floor at each end of your starting wall, approximately 6” (150mm)
away from the corners.
 Installation in large areas: If you are installing as a floating floor and the width of the room
exceeds 80’ (25m) (across width of boards) and/or 80’ (25m) long (across length of panels), you
need to install a T-moulding. NOTE: Temperature must be maintained between 18°C (65°F) and
26°C (79°F) at all times for installation in large areas).
 Using a chalk-line, carefully snap a line between these two points. Check to make sure there will
be approximately 1/4” (6mm) between the edge of your first row of panels and the wall. This
space allows for slight expansion/movement of the SPC/WPC-CORE floating flooring and will be
covered by the baseboard / quarter-round.
 Layout first row of panels, the short tongue should be facing the wall. First panel should start
1/4” (6mm) from the wall. Cut the last panel to finish 1/4” (6mm) from opposite wall. We
recommend you use temporary shims to keep the floor away from the walls, as the floor will
shift during installation due to it being a floating floor. Place the shims every 2-3’ (60-90 cm)
along the starting wall, plus at the end of each of the starting rows so panels do not shift when
set into place.
 Assemble the end joints by inserting the top tongue on the short side of the panel into the lower
groove and press into place (you can lightly tap with a rubber mallet, be careful not to damage
the profiles. Continue in this manner until the first row is complete. NOTE: If you wish to remove
a plank that has already had the end joints locked together, lift the installed plank to disengage
it from the long side profile and slide the joints apart, do not force the end joints apart by lifting
it upwards, it will permanently damage the end locking profile.
 To start the second row, use the remainder of the last panel of the first row if it is longer than
30cm (12”) long, otherwise, cut a new panel in half and proceed. To ensure structural integrity
of your floor, it is mandatory to ALWAYS STAGGER THE END JOINTS FROM ROW TO ROW BY AT
LEAST 20cm (8”).
 You must always leave the lower-lip of the end joint locking profile exposed for the next plank to
be clicked into place. You cannot reverse the installation and must continue to start from the
same side.
 Install one board at a time, always leaving the exposed lower profile and the end-lock profile
exposed on the end joint. Lining your plank up to the previously installed plank in the same row,
insert the small tongue of the plank into the larger lower lip groove profile at approximately a
22° angle. Push slightly forward and down, the plank should drop into place with little
resistance. Do not force the plank down, as this may damage the profile. If the plank will not
drop, check the locking profile for debris or damage and re-try. Longer planks may require a
second set of hands to seat both ends of the plank simultaneously.
 In the case where you are unable to angle panels (eg. under a doorframe or radiator), you can

cut away the locking edge of the lip of the bottom groove by using a utility knife. Run a bead of
Seam Sealer or adhesive on the now modified tongue and groove. Tighten the panels gently
with the use of a pull bar and a hammer.
 If a doorframe must be undercut, lay a panel of flooring next to the doorframe with the
patterned side facing down. Undercut the doorjamb with a saw, then slide the flooring panel
under the doorjamb with the decorative pattern facing upwards. Please note that the floor must
be allowed to expand under the doorjamb and recommended expansion gap must be respected.
 Ensure there is a minimum 1/4” (6mm) gap around the entire floor perimeter and any fixed
vertical obstacles. Measure and cut the last panels to fit so that there is a minimum 1/4” (6mm)
gap along the last wall.
 Remove all temporary shims, sweep & vacuum immediately.
 Note: You recommend use of a “T” moulding transition strip between rooms. Failure to do so
may cause damage to the floor and may void the warranty.
Finishing Details and Maintenance:
 General cleaning: It is recommended that you sweep & vacuum the area immediately after
installation to remove potential damaging grit and debris. A further cleaning with an approved
pre-finished floor cleaner is also recommended, as required. Do not wax or use cleaning
products that contain surfactants.
 Never steam clean the floor.
 Baseboards and quarter rounds: Replace or install new matching baseboards and quarter rounds
in all areas. Baseboards are to be nailed into the wall and quarter rounds into the baseboards.
DO NOT nail either of these into the SPC/WPC-CORE flooring.
 Transition pieces: If you have removed any transition pieces and not covered their place with
SPC/WPC-CORE flooring, reinstall them immediately.
 Furniture & appliances: If you are moving and placing furniture and appliances in areas with
SPC/WPC-CORE floors, cover all feet and floor contact points with heavy self-adhesive felt pads
to protect the floor. Lift heavy objects when moving (furniture or appliance) DO NOT roll or slide
them across the floor.
 We recommend that areas with “rolling loads” (wheelchairs, hospital beds, office chairs, carts,
racks, tables, etc.) should be glued down with an SPC/WPC-CORE firm set adhesive.
 Felt pads on chair legs should be replaced periodically, as they wear and accumulate grit with
use and can damage the floor.
 Outdoor footwear, hard soled shoes and stiletto type heels should not be worn when walking on
your SPC/WPC-CORE floor, as they may mark, abrade or otherwise damage the surface and
finish of your floor.
 Keep pet nails trimmed, especially dogs, as they may damage the floor.
 Toilet training accidents should be cleaned immediately. Do not keep litter boxes or food dishes
directly on the flooring.

SPC/WPC-CORE Limited Flooring Warranty:
This warranty is subject to the procedures, recommendations, limitations, disclaimers and exclusions
mentioned herein and in the general information, installation and warranty sections of this document.
SPC/WPC-CORE flooring products carry a limited residential warranty, when installed in a residential
situation* (SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM OF WARRANTY), against manufacturer and workmanship defects
when used under normal conditions and installed in accordance with Manufacturer’s installation
instructions to the original purchaser owner of the home, as long as they continually own the home for
the period of the warranty. Consult your original packaging for the warranty time specific to the product
you have purchased. Note that you must retain an original label of the product purchased which
denotes your warranty duration, as well as the UPC code and your original receipt of purchase. This
warranty is not transferable. Manufacturer’s warranty and liability does not extend beyond the flooring
planks or tiles and is limited to a maximum value of the original purchase price. Warranty is limited to
repair or replacement of the planks or tiles at the sole option of the manufacturer. The warranty does
not include labour and installation costs nor any secondary costs. Claim compensation (if approved
and/or authorised by Sarana Tile) is limited to the specific area which Sarana Tile deems to be valid
under the claim.
This warranty does not cover and specifically excludes such damages as: indentations, scratches, dents,
chips, pet damages and stains caused by normal wear and tear, sheen loss in high traffic areas, erosion
from pebbles, stones, sand, all other abrasives, inadequate protection, insects, rot, mould, mildew,
bacteria, lack of maintenance, weather conditions, fire, water, high moisture, excessive cold, natural
disasters, excessive heat, heating and air conditioning systems, accident, improper installation or
handling, cleaning agents, negligence or other causes not attributed to manufacturing or workmanship
defects. Failure to adhere to and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and
maintenance and incorrect or insufficient maintenance. Any modification to the product other than as
outlined in the manufacturer’s installation instructions will render the warranty null and void.
This warranty excludes noises of all types (creaks, squeaks etc.) emanating from the floor and/or
This warranty excludes floors which have been installed in areas without adequate temperature control
and/or when temperature has not been continuously maintained within required temperature level
throughout the entire year as required herein as well as areas with rapid temperature changes.
This warranty excludes changes to gloss levels.
This warranty excludes claims due to differences in the colour and texture from display models and
literature, as well as differences in colour and texture from board to board once they have been
The warranty excludes claims due to lightening or darkening of the product from exposure to light, or to
areas which have not darkened due to less exposure to light than surrounding areas.
This warranty explicitly excludes products sold “as is”. The original purchaser is responsible for correct
installation, maintenance and cleaning of the flooring in accordance with the included instructions.

This warranty specifically excludes damages to floors caused by heating systems: heating ducts, heat
sources (including sunlight) and heating system components of all types.
This warranty specifically excludes colour variances from one print/batch number to another. Prior to
installation, verify the colours are an acceptable match. Co-install all batched in evenly distributed and
well mixed manner.
In the case of claims for commercial installations, please note the following should your floor carry a
limited commercial warranty. If applicable, the limited commercial warranty is only applicable to “light
commercial” use and applications, which are defined as follows: low traffic areas in commercial offices,
showrooms and retail spaces. In all cases, installed areas must not be subject to abrasive debris or other
conditions caused by wet or dirty footwear, these types of conditions will void the warranty. High traffic
areas as defined previously herein are excluded from this warranty.
Warranty applies to the original user that its products, when in their original manufactured condition,
aside from previously mentioned information and exceptions, will be free from defects and dimensional
inconsistency during the warranty period when installed and used under normal residential use in
accordance with the terms, installation instructions, limitations and conditions herein. Sarana Tile
warrants to the original user that the finish on its products will not wear through nor separate from the
flooring during the warranty period when installed and used under normal residential use in accordance
with the terms, installation instructions, limitations and conditions herein.
This warranty is the entire and sole statement of warranty for the product and replaces any and all
previous warranties, written, spoken, implied or otherwise. No implied warranties exist beyond the
terms and conditions of this warranty, Sarana Tile assumes no legal liability for any and all actual
incidental and/or consequential damages, however, some states within the USA do not permit the
exclusion or limitation of incidental and/or consequential damages, as such, this exclusion may not apply
to you. This like all warranties gives you specific legal rights, in addition, you may also have other rights
that vary from state to state or from province to province.
To file a warranty claim, contact the original supplier where the flooring was purchased.
* NOTE: Rental units, leased properties and apartments are considered commercial properties under
this warranty. The limited residential warranty does not apply to these types of properties and
installations. If your product purchase also carries a limited commercial warranty, it is the limited
commercial warranty that applies to rental units, leased properties and apartments per the condition,
exclusions and terms specified herein.
Note that Sarana Tile reserves the right to visit or have its agent visit the premise where the product
claim originates to inspect the product in dispute and to remove samples for verification and technical
analysis. Failure to provide reasonable access to the installation area or to provide requested
information and/or documentation may result in denial of the claim.
All warranty claims must be made in writing to Sarana Tile through the original supplier and must
include a complete copy of the original purchase receipt, installation documentation, as available, and
other information that may be requested by Sarana Tile including this warranty.

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