Radiant Heat Warranty

PLEASE INSPECT product for colour, finish, quality and style BEFORE installing material.

Artisan Hardwood warranty DOES NOT cover materials with visible defects once they have been installed.
Any defect should be immediately reported to your flooring dealer for inspection and/or replacement.


The radiant heat system must have been tested and operational for a minimum of FOUR (4) weeks prior to installation. The surface temperature must never exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit (or 27.0 Celsius).

Proper relative humidity level must be maintained at all times throughout the year. Humidifiers and / or dehumidifiers may be necessary to maintain normal 38 to 50% relative humidity level.

Radiant heating systems used must be designed and controlled specifically for Hardwood flooring by system manufacturer, and include an Outside Temperature Probe, and Surface Temperature Controls. Indoor climate should be maintained between 60 to 80 degrees F (27.0 C) and a relative humidity range of 38 to 50%.

We warrant that our ARTISAN engineered hardwood floor can be installed over in-floor radiant heating systems. (Radiant Only)

Newly installed water type radiant heated flooring systems should be in operational mode with the temperature set between 64 – 72 degrees F for a minimum of 4 weeks to insure that all sub floor moisture has properly dried.

Older water type radiant floor heat systems should be pressure tested, properly maintained and set to a minimum of 64 degree F, for at least 4 days before flooring delivery; acclimatization or installation process may begin.

All radiant heating systems must be set to room temperature a minimum of 64 degree F, for at least 4 days before delivery, acclimation, or installation or installation process may begin.

Always check wood sub floors to insure that the moisture content is less than 14% using an accurate wood moisture meter.

Concrete sub floors must register “dry” using a reliable concrete moisture meter and tested using ASTM 1669-89 Calcium Chloride test).The moisture content concrete floors must not exceed 2.0 lbs per 1000 sq feet per ASTM 1669-89(Calcium Chloride Test). If it exceeds these limits do not install the flooring.

The pH level of concrete sub floors should register between 6 and 9, on a fourteen point pH scale.

Sub floors must fully comply with these “dry” requirements before proceeding with the delivery, acclimation and installation of the wood flooring at the job site.
Regulate the job site to insure that the relative humidity is between 38 to 50% and that temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees F, throughout the flooring delivery, acclimation, installation and any required curing process.

Delivery and acclimate the engineered hardwood flooring for at least 48 hours before installation begins.

Always install the hardwood flooring according to the instructions that pertain to the product and always follow instructions for Radiant Heat installations as provided by NWFA.

After completing the installation, do not change the radiant heat setting for at least 48 hours.

Throughout the life of the installation, 3 to 5 degrees daily increments must be used when adjusting system temperature for either upward or downward adjustments; so that the hardwood flooring can adjust to the temperature changes in a gradual manner.
The end consumer should be aware that minor gapping between planks during heating season is a normal occurrence with hardwood flooring installed over radiant heated sub floors. Proper humidity controls within the home or business will help to minimize the natural wood reaction to seasonal changing climate conditions.

Never raise the flooring surface temperature setting above 80 degree Fahrenheit.

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